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We also produce customised feed rollers according to your specific needs.

So, if any existing solution does not meet your requirements, you are just a few clicks away from having it!

Contact our Custom Shop team for any kind of modification needed to your feed rollers and let’s do it!

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You want to help out a friend? Or there is some old debt of gratitude and you haven’t figured out how to solve it? We might have a solution…

Tag your forestry-buddy who has any Balmec parts on his/her machine, and give a chance to win some Balmec credit!

All he/she has to do is send a picture of his Balmec part on the machine to our head office email address:

There will be top 3 whom receive 300; 200 or 100 euros worth of credit from Balmec – I hear you ask “How the top 3 is decided”. It is easy. Our committee of Cool/Awesome/Weird/ Serious will take a look at them and give out points. And then the top 3 will be formed!
Besides credit bonus, some fame and glory on our social media and homepage will be also given.

Campaign ends on 23.10.2019