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We also produce customised feed rollers according to your specific needs.

So, if any existing solution does not meet your requirements, you are just a few clicks away from having it!

Contact our Custom Shop team for any kind of modification needed to your feed rollers and let’s do it!

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Productivity. Innovation. Quality.


Balmec’s diverse product range, encompassing feed rollers, delimbing knives, roller arms, hydraulic cylinders, crane racks, and measuring wheels, caters to widely-used forestry machines like John Deere, Ponsse, Komatsu, Waratah, Rottne, Log Max, etc.

By merging the finest materials with advanced technology, we deliver unmatched solutions. We’re not just manufacturing spare parts; we’re reinventing them, enhancing both performance and durability. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries in forestry machinery, one part at a time.

We don’t stop re-discovering the feed wheel. Why do we do it? We are driven by our customers who help us to re-imagine the productivity of a forestry machine.

Continuous partnership with SSAB and our engineering team has led to next level spare parts. Therefore we are able to offer the best warranty terms on the market.

More about Balmec
  • Over 400 unique products for you to choose from
  • We use special steels by SSAB tailor-made for Balmec
  • Increase productivity and decrease fuel consumption
  • Reduce unplanned downtime

Customers about Balmec

  • “Reliability and accuracy - that's what I got when I bought my measuring wheels from Balmec.”

    Flip Santos
  • “It (the Z30 SC measuring wheel) performs exceptionally well when measuring trees with loose bark like the Larch. There are no signs of wear so far (after harvesting 4,300m³) and Murray on the forwarder is still happy with the accuracy of the lengths when he is loading two bunks of 3m chip!”

    Peter Williamson Jnr. Timber Tech Harvesting Ltd
  • "I purchased a set of Balmec inner feed wheels for my H480c, I have had them on now for one year and they are still as good as new."

    Neil Mckune MCK Forestry Ltd.
  • “I purchased a set of Balmec upper delimbing knifes for my H480c. The performance of the head was incredible after they were fitted”

    Joe Mcknight JM Harvesting Ltd